1st deposit bonus 2021

A Deposit bonus is a popular bonus for attracting new customers.

The trend is clearly moving away from the deposit bonus and towards the bonus package. This is usually staggered over more than one deposit. The iGaming industry is very dynamic and fast moving. Therefore, there is a real competition to see who can offer the most attractive bonuses. Casinos offer numerous creative types of bonuses. These can be linked to certain games or simply include an online bonus or free spins. There are basically the following types of bonus offers: New customer bonus, free spins without deposits, bonus without deposits, no deposit bonus, clone bonus or starting credit. Regardless of which bonus you ultimately decided on, it is always important that you meet the respective conditions that go with it and take them into account when making your selection. Which one you ultimately choose depends very much on your own preferences.

Real money bonus, free spins

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus

Free spins

Welcome bonus

Real money bonus

Real money bonus

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus

Real money bonus

What is a deposit bonus?

A Deposit bonus is a promotion. Here you can top up your credit. So if you get an offer of 100% up to $ 50, this means that if you deposit $ 50 or less, your balance in your account will be doubled. So here a deposit of the amount maximizes the bonuses and you end up with $ 100 to play with. Of course there is nothing for free. The bonuses are linked to so-called wagering requirements. This means that if the wagering requirements have been met, you must wager the bonus amount the specified number of times before you can withdraw it. A deposit bonus doesn't just have to be for new customers. It can also be offered as a gift to existing customers. This is often the case when there are holidays coming up or there is another good reason for a seasonal promo or simply to strengthen customer loyalty. Here, too, the following always applies: You have to adhere to the respective conditions.

What deposit bonus are there?

Deposit bonus can be structured very differently. Casinos combine the deposit amount with the bonus amount to create a credit. The associated wagering requirements must be met in order to cash out the winnings. With most providers, real money and bonus money are clearly separated from each other. You can rarely withdraw earlier. This type of deposit bonus is like a parachute in case you gamble away your first deposit. In most cases you can claim the bonus on the deposit page or even have it automatically added to your balance. There are different types of deposit bonuses. On the one hand, it is available as a welcome bonus: New customers are often offered a deposit bonus of 100%. However, it is always very important to read through the sales requirements in order not to fall for unrealistic offers. There are also the so-called reload bonuses. This is how online casinos reward loyal players.

Bonus terms

Before deciding on a deposit bonus, you should familiarize yourself with its requirements. It is important to note that every bonus follows certain rules.

For example: the bonus amount has to be wagered x times, games always have a certain value, bonuses cannot simply be spent. Often there is no payout during the bonus phase. A provider should always be open about their terms. If you have any questions, it makes sense to contact customer service. Caution is advised with very large sums. These are often accompanied by special conditions that can be very strict. Some players lose their entire bonus balance and with it all winnings that result from it. This could be because a payment was requested too early or the bonus was not used within the valid time period. So it is important to always be well informed in advance in order to have maximum fun while playing and to be able to benefit.

2021 deposit bonus offers:

How to find the best deposit bonus?

There are a lot of bonuses in 2021. It is worthwhile to take a close look at the varied offer and decide which bonus is the best for individual requirements. The casino you choose will usually explain a deposit bonus in great detail. Often you get offered a bonus for just registering or logging in. Alternatively, a deposit can be requested, for which a code may also have to be entered. The conditions of participation usually contain all the important information. In order to collect more than just a bonus, you can of course register at different casinos. It can also be an idea to check out websites that may only have exclusive games that you won't find anywhere else. A good source for finding more offer codes are the various reviews. Here you can often find out about possible offers and read customer reviews.

The best providers for a deposit bonus

Choosing a casino is not easy, especially for beginners. However, we will help you make the right deposit bonus choice! Our comparison evaluates online game libraries on the basis of various factors: Among other things, the quality of the offer is analyzed. Then there is the support, the games themselves and the ease of use. On the website we present online casinos and their respective offers. All of this always clearly and clearly. This makes research easy for you and you, as a new customer, can see which offer is the best. The 300% and 400% deposit bonus is in great demand. For example, we keep a list of casinos in which we clearly list the following bonuses with deposit:

Deposit bonus 400%, 300%, 200% and 100%

Deposit bonus conclusion

To sum up, deposit bonuses can really give players a huge edge for their money. Because with a deposit bonus you have a higher starting balance. Ultimately, the chance of a payout is significantly higher when you play with a bonus. Since the gaming scene is very dynamic, the online casinos often try to outdo each other in their offers. It is always worth doing a good research to find out which casinos are currently offering the best lure offers. This can be a deposit bonus, in the form of a welcome bonus or as a reload bonus. However, caution is always required: You should never just claim one, but always read the conditions that are attached to the bonuses. Most deposit bonuses require you to wager an amount between 30 and 60 times before you can cash out at the end.

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