A cool thing, according to a youth magazine

In Germany, the �girls� magazine caused a stir last week. There the young girls were asked to visit online casinos. A suitable provider was also linked directly to the online article. The message of the magazine: Anyone who plays games of chance increases their attractiveness as a girl.

Rituals are supposed to help you win

The magazine tried to cobble together a good article around the online casino link. The underage readers were therefore advised that games of chance could be perfectly harmonized with rituals of luck. Sports betting is also worth a try.

It quickly becomes clear that the article is difficult on various levels: Minors are prohibited from gambling in Germany. Throwing openly for gambling in a magazine aimed at underage readers is not only morally questionable.

The second point of criticism can be found with surreptitious advertising: Articles are often camouflaged and links are incorporated into the text as �naturally� as possible. But here it is more than clear that it is advertising for an online casino, which of course must be marked. Many providers do not want a promotional item reference to be found in the articles. Ultimately, however, it is up to the magazine operator to publish only properly labeled articles.

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Online casinos are frequent advertising partners

After further research, further articles were found in the magazine that advertised online casinos. For example, there is an article about love that speaks between choosing between money and love - with reference to gambling.

So far, the magazine's editors have not commented on the incidents. In particular, promoting gambling among minors seems to be causing trouble. The fact that the articles are not marked as advertising rounds off the problem.

Not a novelty on the internet

Surreptitious advertising is no longer uncommon. From influencers on Instagram to blogs and online magazines - surreptitious advertising can be found everywhere. Sometimes there are warnings and high fines, but sometimes nothing seems to happen.

The background of these articles with references to online casinos serves on the one hand for direct advertising, but is also an important topic for casino operators in terms of link building: anyone who wants to be found on Google needs good backlinks. All good online casinos now use this tool and try to place their pages in various magazines or blogs that have a good ranking. The �girls� magazine is a good example of this, as it receives a large number of clicks every day and is accordingly well rated by Google.

So who is ultimately to blame remains to be clarified: is it the casino operators or just the magazines that publish such advertisements without labeling? An improvement on both sides would be desirable here, so that articles can at least be identified as advertising. It is also a fact that gambling advertising is not okay for minors, which is why the criticism of the editorial team is absolutely appropriate.

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