A new study shows: women are the better gambler

The well-known group 888 Holdings led a study on women and sporting events. The result: It seems like women compared to the men more successful when it comes to bets at sports events. Although the company stressed that there is no representative study, we find a closer look at the evaluation but still interesting.

New rules for sports betting in the USA

For some time, the individual states are responsible for the regulation of the sports betting. Business is booming accordingly, and in some cases this type of gambling was even prohibited in many regions. Now more and more states are opening their gates and attracting players with new gambling offers.

Due to the increased participation, the group behind the 888 Casino found it extremely interesting to take a closer look at the new gaming behavior. The results are surprising and show exciting differences, especially with regard to the sexes. But what is really there?

Women have success in sports betting

Looking at sports events, it became apparent that women often present a significantly more successful betting slip than their male competitors. The ROI, i.e. the return on investment, became important in the study. This value is used to determine the ratio of investment and profit.

Women had a average return of investment value of around 20%. In the men, the value fell significantly lower, in this study he was even in the minus area. In addition, not only divided by gender, but also after age. So showed that especially women between 35 years and 44 years had success. For men, the age group of 45 years to 54 years were most successful.

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Exciting result, but how representative is it?

The result of this study was unpredictable and is therefore so exciting. Automatically, you ask yourself if the women made a little better than the men. The people behind 888 Holdings stressed, however, that only results of the last few months. For a clear result, much more extensive studies would be required. Also geographic regions must be included in more detail.

Nevertheless, the results of this study are not completely worthless, after all, they show an exciting trend that was pleased to enjoy the women. Also first researcher sign up to speak. So, for example, to assume that women are rather rational. Also from a balance is the speech, the assignments also incorporated lower.

Of course, a few participants to close to the totality, of course does not work. Nevertheless, it seems like women are often more cautious and therefore more successful overall. Remains only to be seen whether further investigations are made here. Also the look at your own environment and your own game behavior is worthwhile. So, in any case, the study gives an interesting density of thinking, which also lets us question your own gambling behavior.

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