Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights takes you to the ancient and mysterious Arabian world. The slot was developed by Netent and has a jackpot that almost always consists of several millions.

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Arabian Nights has been around since 2006. This slot has made several people millionaires in the more than ten years of its existence. We are dealing with a progressive jackpot slot that has the potential to pay out millions of euros. A few years ago, there was a Finnish player who won 8.6 million euros when the jackpot was hit on Arabian Nights. There was also a Dutch player who won the jackpot of Arabian Nights. This lucky man was able to deposit no less than 3.3 million euros into his account.

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Arabian Nights Statement

The theme is "One thousand and one nights". The payout rate is 95.6% with a jackpot, only 90.6% without a jackpot. In other words, without the jackpot, the online slot is certainly not worth the trouble, so always play it with a jackpot. The jackpot is what makes this mysterious game so special. One button press can change your life completely. We like this idea very much. The jackpot can be hit with every spin, whether you play with $0.50 or $5 per click. This is also the minimum and the maximum of the bet. There are also 10 paylines and the variance is high.

What does Arabian Nights look like?

In terms of design, everything looks solid, not very special. We also note that this game was developed more than 10 years ago. Over the years, of course, the game has been improved somewhat, but in our opinion, but too little. The symbols include camels, swords, daggers, hats and a magic lamp. The sound effects fit the theme well.

What do we think about SLOT?

Arabian Nights is a typical all-or-nothing slot. If you disregard the jackpot feature, the game is not worth playing. But with the jackpot it is a nice mysterious game that promises enough excitement. However, when we compare Arabian Nights with other jackpot slots, we still prefer one of the competitors.

Fun slot machine, nice that it has a jackpot!

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