Casino supervisory authority now also planned in Japan

The Japanese government is working at full speed: a supervisory authority for casinos is now also to become active there. Only last Friday they announced that a regulatory authority would be formed as early as 2020.

It is obvious that there are some preparatory measures to take. In Japan, too, the regulatory authority is to be subject to strict criteria, so that the casinos are bound to many restrictions. This approach is already being adopted by other countries such as Malta, where licensed casinos must also comply with many strict guidelines in order to be granted a license.

Control and prevention of gambling addiction

Casino licenses usually have two central tasks. The planned regulatory authority in Japan should also follow this model: On the one hand, it is necessary to keep an eye on any activities of casino operators. In addition, security factors and player protection play an important role. Casinos must be safe for visitors, which also puts the issue of gambling addiction prevention on the agenda. Accordingly, underage players, for example, must be protected.

Currently, Japan is also only about real casino resorts, but not online casinos. For this purpose, the company is in the process of verifying whether enough large premises are available. It is also important to the future casino operators that the casinos are located in large cities, so that they are also easily accessible to tourists.

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Japanese population tends to speak out against casinos

Japanese citizens have mixed feelings about the opening of casino resorts. A large part even rejects the casinos altogether. The citizens, who are not against the resorts per se, but at least wish that there will be none in their own city.

It is also interesting to note that it is not only the population that is critical. Experts from the financial sector are also unsure whether the future casino operators and the government are not overshooting the mark a bit. Casinos cost a lot of money, especially with the planned size several billion dollars can be assumed. The hope, of course, is that the investment will pay off. Gambling is booming all over the world, and people with fat wallets are certainly finding their way to Japan.

Japan as an example of the boom in the gambling market

Japan is yet another country trying to jump on the gambling bandwagon. There is no doubt that land-based casinos with a special flair are just as popular as online casinos, which can be accessed from anywhere. With the planned casino resorts, the land-based casino should once again show: Here, players can feel at home and put their money on the table in the most beautiful ambience.

Provided player protection and strict guidelines are adhered to, there is nothing to be said against this for now. It remains to be seen what the realization in 2020 will really look like in the end. Also on the opinion of the citizens one may be curious, this expressed itself nevertheless quite critically to the Casino Resorts in Japan.

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