Egyptian Heroes

A slot with an Egyptian theme that we have already seen. Egyptian Heroes is the only one from provider Netent with the Ancient Egypt theme, after Secrets of Horus was taken offline.

Play Egyptian Heroes

We were very satisfied with Secrets of Horus at that time. It is a shame that Netent has taken this slot off the market. Egyptian Heroes has an excellent payout percentage of 96.7%. But beware! This payout percentage is valid only if you play with all paylines. There are a total of 20 of them. If you play with only one payline, your payout percentage changes to 93.8%. Of course, we recommend players to play Egyptian Heroes with all paylines at all times.

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Egyptian Heroes Statement

The game has a number of nice features, the "Golden Bet" is one of them. We always like features that make the base game more exciting. In this case there is a multiplier for each spin that applies to one of the paylines. The multiplier is at least 2x and at most 5x.

These are online slots with medium variance and an incredibly high hit frequency. Almost every spin offers a win. This is almost too much - and makes the game a bit monotonous from time to time. The maximum win is also a very nice amount for a slot without a jackpot. If you play with maximum bet and have luck on your side, you can win up to 221.750 $ win.

How does Egyptian Heroes look like?

In terms of design, Egyptian Heroes is a bit different from other slots with an ancient Egyptian design. In other slots with the same theme, we mainly see a lot of shiny objects and classic gods as symbols. In Egyptian Heroes it looks more like a mixture of Egypt and Starwars. But this looks good and is definitely something different.

What do we think of Egyptian Heroes?

The Golden Bet Line is a great feature that adds a little more excitement to the basic game. With the help of this feature, the prices can increase quite a bit. What annoys us a bit is the extremely high hit frequency, which should have been a bit lower. But the bonus game is fun and lucrative. All in all, there are some minuses, but the positives outweigh the negatives. So you too are welcome to try your luck at Egyptian Heroes.

You can win more than 200.000 win, this is not normal!

Very nice game, many chances too!

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