Esports and Corona

Some industries have been hit hard by the Corona pandemic.

Restaurateurs are struggling to survive, retail is still lying fallow. On the other hand, in other sectors of the economy, we could enjoy increasing sales this year. More online casino felt, if at all, only positive consequences.

People are more at home, the hope of a lucky win greater than ever. And also in the field of e-sports betting and the general popularity of these sporting events could be observed that many people enjoyed it. Experts say that eSports has really taken off this year. Statistics show that there were significantly higher viewer numbers - and that people also stayed tuned in longer and followed many matches with excitement.

What exactly is eSport?�

The name eSport is appropriately chosen, because it is about electronic "sports. This refers to games in which the teams experience maximum tension and must always act with concentration. There is a lot of money to be made in computer and video games. The niche product has become a phenomenon that excites the masses. Popular games are Dota 2, League of Legends or CS:GO. Sports simulations also have their place in eSports, how could it be otherwise?. So if you want to take part in Fifa tournaments and win prize money, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

But don't let the entertainment factor blind you: If you want to be part of the professional teams, you train every day.

In addition, the participants are usually young, because the perceptiveness and responsiveness are then the best. Training takes place just like in any real sport. So a lot of time is spent on the preparations. But if you are really good and prove yourself in international matches, you can collect millions in prize money.

Welcome bonus

Spectators are also enthusiastic

Not only since Corona has eSport enjoyed increasing viewer numbers. Certainly the pandemic has contributed to even more watching and streaming (as matches are conveniently livestreamed). But even before that, there was a lot of interest in the top events.

From this, just as with the "real" sports, another trend has emerged: Just as you can place sports bets on soccer, there are now eSports bets as well. Place bets on important matches: you can bet on the winning team or on who will score first. Depending on the game, the betting options are of course different.

If you also find this trend exciting: On our site we introduce you to many online bookmakers that offer eSports betting. You can take a look at the different betting markets without any obligation and often take advantage of a welcome bonus. In addition to sports betting and eSports betting, there are usually plenty of casino games on offer. This way you can take advantage of the full range of online gambling services. A lot of success!

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