Exciting court cases from the casino world

Disagreements sometimes arise between casino operators and players. Sometimes the disagreements are even carried all the way to the court, as both players and casino operators sued the other party. We took a look at what are the most exciting cases that have made it to court so far.

Prosecution against Isle Casino Hotel

A supposedly lucky slot player believed in her big win. However, the casino operators informed her that she had not really won, as there was a malfunction in the machine. The gambler was already a proud 87 years old and caught sight of an ad on her screen promising a prize of several million dollars.

What's more, the player had almost never tried her luck at the slot machine before, which made it even more unbelievable. The slot she played could not actually pay out such high winnings. It was the Miss Kitty slot, and there is a maximum of 10 dollars in it.000 dollars to win. The casino now checked the supposed winnings and found that she had actually not even won 2 dollars.

The player subsequently sued the casino, but unfortunately lost the case. The casino operators and also the court argued that the slot was not programmed for such high winnings - very unfortunate for the player!

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Blackjack professional against the Resorts International

The gambler Ken Uston is known for his blackjack career and extraordinary strategy. He has also published books and thus shared his knowledge with the general public. The casino found its card counting strategy anything but legal, which is why they banned the player from all casinos. Blackjack player successfully sued to be barred from New Jersey casinos. Because it did not endanger patrons, the ban was illegal, the court ruled.

Gamer sues Valve

In 2016, an exciting case was also found in the world of Esports: some teenagers sued the manufacturer of the well-known game Counter Strike Global Offensive. The background: they had made games of chance available on the platform. This involves the Steam platform, where things are actually bought and sold. Gambling, on the other hand, is illegal. Even minors were allowed to gamble there, because the operators did not check their age. Unfortunately, the young people were unsuccessful with their complaint and the case was dismissed.

High roller sues casinos in Las Vegas

This case also went through the USA: Sheila King used to like to play with small stakes. At some point, however, she decided to become a high roller. She was successful with this, quickly the lucky woman became a millionaire at the online casino slot machines. The casinos enjoyed her and made sure she always had access to her favorite slots. Technical work was also not done during her game.

Unfortunately, however, her lucky streak eventually ended. She claimed the casinos were to blame. Unfortunately, the American woman was unsuccessful in her lawsuit and watched her winnings slowly dwindle away.

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