Finally innovations for online games in Germany?

Many gambling fans no longer believe in it, as the discussion never ends: When will Germany finally have its own licenses?? Is gambling legal at all or not?? Are German online casinos finally conceivable and gambling in the balance is over?? Questions after questions, and unfortunately no concrete answers so far.

These discussions do not only affect gamblers, professional gamers in particular keep asking themselves whether they can finally leave the gray area. We have once again summarized what the current situation looks like and what is currently being hotly debated in the world of gambling.

The individual countries decide

Gambling is to be regulated by the federal states. Accordingly, each federal state can make its own regulations. But reality shows that there is no agreement. Only Schleswig-Holstein had its own licenses. Here, too, the problem was that the licenses only related to this state.

Schleswig-Holstein is part of the EU, which is why gambling was and is possible for players from all over Germany: Online gambling is actually still not legalized in Germany, but due to the EU freedom to provide services, it is not a problem for us in the EU - to play licensed casinos. It does not matter whether the online casino has its license from Schleswig-Holstein or Malta. As long as it is a reputable authority, nothing stands in the way of playing.

These licenses are also extremely important for the players: there are still black sheep out there. If you want to play in an online casino, you have to look at the license.

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What do the gaming licenses regulate?

If you register in an online casino with an EU license, fair play is guaranteed. You are presented with tested software that you can trust. The payout percentages and bonus offers also follow fixed guidelines. Data protection and customer service are also important issues. Responsible gambling also finds its place in licensed casinos, as you can set your own budget and time limits.

The licenses therefore ensure security and a more uniform appearance. Many German players want their own German licenses, and rightly so. Currently, players do not receive any penalties when they play in EU casinos, but the gray area has an unpleasant aftertaste. Again and again, uncertainty spreads, and especially for professional gamers the question arises whether the day does not suddenly come when their winnings are simply frozen and no longer paid out. Because gambling suddenly becomes illegal.

What's the future like?

There is always talk of new and individual licenses. Hessen is now daring a first foray and would like to work on its own license. It would be desirable to have nationwide regulations that would finally make it possible for players to take part in games of chance with a good feeling. This has various advantages for both the federal states and the players: The players can finally feel safe and the federal states also have an influence on what happens. The potential income should also be reason enough to finally set up your own authorities.

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