Gambling capitals in Europe

There is hardly anything more exciting than listening to the sounds of the slot machines in a glamorous atmosphere that predict a profit.

Or the excited shouting of people who are waiting for the roulette wheel to finally come to a standstill. In times like these, people are enjoying online gambling more than ever - but let's briefly dream of some of the most famous gaming capitals in Europe.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known as the city of freedom. At the same time, the city is said to be "Europe's bad boy". Everything is allowed, nothing is condemned. It starts with cannabis and ends with the game. In fact, there are plenty of casinos and gambling halls in Amsterdam. It's definitely easy to feel like you're in Las Vegas! There are currently 14 casinos in the city that offer both table games.

The Holland Casino and Casino City-Ceintuurbaan are among the most famous addresses in the city. Of course you can stop there during the day as well as at night, and you will also be served quite a few cool drinks.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo cannot go unmentioned here either, as the city is THE prime example of luxury and (gambling) games in Europe. Although it is the second smallest country in Europe, tourists from all over the world prefer to come here to indulge in the game.

The most famous casino is undoubtedly the Casino de Monte Carlo. Well worth seeing inside and out - and also perfect for a short stopover on a trip through Europe.

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Strictly speaking, Malta is of course not a city - but a fairly small country.

And this one clearly belongs on our list. Some of the largest gambling companies are based there, including LeoVegas and NetEnt.

Malta also has a few casinos of its own. This includes, for example, the Dragonara Casino, which some players may also know from live streams of live casino games.

Paris, France

Paris is actually the city of love. But the capital of France can do even more! Because there are quite a few casinos there that tourists as well as locals like to visit. Also fits perfectly with the image of the city: exclusive, glamorous, simply chic. So if you want to play games of chance in the most beautiful ambience, Paris is well advised.

There are currently eight casinos in the city. We recommend Le Club Montmartre or the Barriere, for example.

Prague, Czech Republic

In Prague, people like to head for the Ambassador Casino or the Admiral Casino. The selection of casinos and gaming banks is also quite large overall. People also like to stop off at clubs in the city. After all, who doesn't know the legendary party nights or stag parties in the city? There you will be entertained at any time of the day or night - and a visit to the casino always fits in well with the program.

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