Gauselmann starts great environmental campaign: 85.000 new trees

The founder Paul Gauselmann is known for his enormous success in the gaming industry. He is often referred to as the king of slot machines, because the Gauselmann group is firmly established in the German scene. The entrepreneur is actually better known than for his innovations in the gaming market, but now he is making a name for itself with another campaign: The gaming giant is celebrating its 85th birthday. Birthday and is very environmentally friendly. So should 85.000 trees, corresponding to his birthday, are planted in the Federal Republic.

The action began in camera

The trees were planted without any major announcements, and that as early as March. 1.000 trees are planted per year of life of the entrepreneur. Due to the current situation, progress is slow or not at all, but the first trees were already planted at the beginning of the year. The first trees found their new home in Minden-Lubbecke. This is where the Gauselmann empire began.

The plan is to plant more trees after Easter. Sometimes the regions that are to be reforested are damaged by bark beetles and storms. The reforestation campaign comes in very handy and is welcomed by residents and foresters.

Not the entrepreneur's only charitable act

The gambling giant is always there and knows no boundaries - and not only in the area of online gambling. The entrepreneur appreciates managing and supporting many projects at the same time.

With advancing age he becomes a little calmer, but standstill is by no means planned. The entrepreneur has always supported campaigns for charitable purposes. He acts as a sports sponsor or supports the construction of a new school kitchen. The tree campaign now also fits perfectly into the concept, as the entrepreneur shows that the environment is also important to him.

How are the employees of the Gauselmann Group??

Gauselmann emphasizes that he has lived a good life and always wants to give something back to people. His charities earn him a lot of praise, but what about his own company?? The Gauselmann Group does not leave the current crisis indifferent either. Many branches in Europe are currently closed. Many employees suffer and have to make do with short-time working.

The group has to fall back on reserves - but that shouldn't harm the charitable campaigns. One would like to continue to donate and support various campaigns. For example, the entrepreneur says that just planting trees can achieve a lot: around 17.In this way, 000 people can be guaranteed lifelong access to drinking water.

The entrepreneur is also confident about the future. The crisis is tough and affects many people, but Gauselmann has made it a point to support wherever possible. The attitude is commendable and shows that charity has its place in the gambling industry too. Gauselmann sets an excellent example and shows how high earners can and should support the country and its people.

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