Greentube plans to start in Germany

You may already know Greentube from "StarGames".

But the company had disappeared from the market in recent years. But now a new beginning is being planned. Because currently the games are only available with play money. In the future, however, it should be possible to gamble with real money again as usual. Greentube wants to acquire a German license for this.

StarGames wants to conquer the market again - but with caution!

It surprised many gamers that StarGames suddenly disappeared from the scene. Because the provider was always popular with players from Germany and a popular site. However, the company itself stated that the exit did not come so suddenly. It should be started directly with a new license from Germany. But as we now know, it took some time before we could finally agree on German licenses.

Greentube would now like to use this for itself. But if the provider starts with a new license, stricter guidelines apply. That means more security for the players - and for Greentube the possibility of being able to offer the games of chance nationwide with real money. The new rules for player protection include all common measures that we can also observe on other gambling sites: For example, you will be reminded regularly how long you have been playing. And keep your profits and losses in mind.

Regarding the stakes should also be looked more closely. As a result, you can only bet two euros per round in the online casino. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to deposit at will. As soon as you 1.If you have deposited $ 000, there is an automatic stop.

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Greentube's comeback looks promising

All the guidelines are therefore not without - but also nothing new, because many online casinos are already complying with the new guidelines. Some casino games are disappearing completely from the platforms, while others are limited to stakes. You can still have fun on the pages, and that's why the anticipation of Greentube's comeback is great. The operators themselves are of course very excited to see how the restart will work. In any case, one seems to be happy to be allowed to operate legally and licensed throughout Germany. Because in the past it was not easy for online casinos. Again and again there was talk of a gray area in which MGA casinos like StarGames were.

Greentube has thus decided on a path that will lead to success. The company is certainly not the only one applying for German approval. Of course, we too have absolutely nothing to object to the measures to protect young people and players. That's why we're also eagerly awaiting what StarGames will serve us in the future.

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