Importance Malta Gaming Authority

This is why the authority is so important

Playing in online casino Germany without a valid gambling license is not a good idea. There are several authorities that are recognized and have licensed many reputable online casinos. One of them is the Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA for short. If a casino has this license, you know you are on the safe side. Find out here what exactly this authority is all about, how it works and why gambling sites licensed there are reputable. We also introduce you to some of our favorite casinos with Malta Gaming Authority certification.

What exactly is the MGA?

The Malta Gaming Authority is a so-called gambling authority. In fact, it is not just any authority, but of great importance for German players. If you are a German player and you come across this license, you are dealing with a safe EU casino where you can stay and feel at home.

The Malta Gaming Authority does not issue licenses lightly. In order to obtain a license, a site must provide the following:

- Fair games
- Trustworthy site owners
- Data Protection

- Protection against money laundering
- and more

Once a gambling provider has received the license, however, the MGA's work is not yet done. Because the sites are regularly audited. If it should come to light that a site is turning into a scammer after all, the license can be revoked immediately. Therefore, this license has many important advantages for you: You know that platforms monitored by the MGA offer fair games, protect your data and meet high quality standards.

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Recognize the license of the Malta Gaming Authority

Those who have obtained a license from the Malta Gaming Authority present the corresponding logo of the authority on their website. In most cases, you will find the logo right at the bottom of the home page. Because operators like to adorn themselves with the award, the MGA enjoys a good reputation. You can also see a license number there. If necessary, this can be checked at any time.

If you feel that you have been cheated, you can turn not only to the casinos, but also to the Malta Gaming Authority. Your cooperation is always needed to ensure a safe stay in the casino for you and all other players. But don't worry: The employees of the Malta Gaming Authority know their way around quite well. There are many platforms that have been allowed to offer their services with this license for years and are well rated by players. We have also already taken some MGA casinos for you under the magnifying glass. If you want to try one of the safe and trustworthy gambling sites, just take a look at our list.

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