Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer was released in 2010 and was an instant hit. This success continues to this day.

Game Jack Hammer

Few online casino players have never played Jack Hammer. It's a real Netent classic. This slot game depicts the battle between private detective Jack Hammer and the devious scientist Dr. Wutten. The slot offers many nice functions. As you play, you're sort of sort of a comic strip, and the Netent guys did a really great job.

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Jack Hammer statement

The success of the slot can also be partly explained by the payout rate, 97% is a good rate. Jack Hammer is a low variance game so you win lots of small amounts and every now and then big wins. The stake is a minimum of $ 0.25 and a maximum of $ 250 with 25 possible paylines. We can conclude that this is an ideal slot if you want to play with bonus money.

One of the nicest features of Jack Hammer is the Sticky Win feature. As soon as you see a winning combination on your screen, the reels stop. Imagine, after creating a new winning combination, the process repeats itself until the winning combination is no longer formed. The Sticky Win feature creates a lot of excitement as you never know where or when your winning streak will end.

What does Jack Hammer look like??

The cartoon characters look great. The symbols show a story, this gives a super nice effect. When it comes to animation, Jack Hammer is really put together perfectly. With Jack Hammer, Netent has delivered a real work of art.

What do we think of Jack Hammer?

This is a real classic, the slot machine almost stands for perfection. The game is fun, the winning stats are good, and the game looks good too. The Sticky Win feature makes the game more exciting and unpredictable. Netent is known for its creative subjects, and they prove it again here.

Very nicely done that it looks like a comic. It also has a high payout ratio.

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