Lost Island

Lost Island is a slot game of Netent, which is very popular with high scooters. This game can make very high payouts. Below you will find everything you need to know about Lost Island.

Game Lost Island

This game was released in July 2014. You never know where you are on Lost Island because nothing can happen for a long time. However, there are times when Lost Island shows its true nature when huge payouts can be awaited. The big real money can be earned with the bonus game. Hardly anything can be achieved with the basic game. Once you hit a bonus round, it doesn't mean you will receive a large payout straight away. In fact, it often happens that even in the bonus game, the payouts are rather moderate. Patience is a good idea at Lost Island.

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Lost Island Declaration

This very high variance slot also has great long term win statistics so we can see that the payout percentage is no less than 96.5%. The minimum bet per round is $ 0.20 and you can play with a maximum of $ 100 per button. There are 20 pay lines. How much can you actually earn with this slot? If you are playing with the maximum stakes, the best case scenario is 250.000 $ can be earned.

What does Lost Island look like?

In terms of symbols, we see all sorts of mysterious objects with this video slot. The wild symbol is a type of purple flower. Everything looks neat, but the animations aren't that spectacular.

What do we think of Lost Island?

We recommend that you only play this slot machine with a relatively high balance now. You can't expect a prize to come out of the slot every two spins. Patience is a basic requirement at Lost Island. Despite the high variance, the payout percentage is okay.

I find it boring ..

Need a lot of patience, which is a disadvantage. On top of that, it's a bit standard too, but it's good to win

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