New boom for lottery in China

Over the weekend, the Chinese government announced that the lottery would be restarted.

Specifically, it is about the Beijing Welfare Lottery and the Beijing Sports Lottery, which are scheduled to start again. So the Chinese are allowed to buy lottery tickets again!

Despite the positive news, the government immediately made it clear that the resumption of business was subject to very strict conditions. A total of three months was taken to declare war on the virus and slow the spread. The entire economy stood still. According to the government, it is therefore important that many security measures are observed for future sales.

Contactless transfer, temperature measurement and co.

We are already familiar with these measures from other areas: Anyone entering a sales point in China from now on must undergo a temperature measurement and wear a mask. The operators of the branches are also obliged to regularly disinfect their premises. Of course, a contactless handover of the lottery tickets must also take place.

Anyone who does not adhere to the guidelines faces penalties. Each seller is also asked to record compliance with the rules in writing. In return, the sellers were also offered to guarantee them support payments. After all, business has been idle for a long time, and minor difficulties are expected at the beginning.

Overall, however, one hopes that people will soon enjoy purchasing the tickets again. Before the crisis, the income from lottery tickets was around 3.7 euros. In February of this year, on the other hand, there was a direct drop of over 43%. Anyone who has the spare change will certainly want to continue to buy lottery tickets.

It will be a little hesitant to return to the offices, but hopefully things will soon return to normal.

In any case, it is important to comply with hygiene regulations. This applies not only to lot sales, but to any business. A new outbreak can only be prevented if the regulations are complied with. A second outbreak would be very fatal for the economy.

Online lotto as an alternative

The resumption of business in China is a good step in the right direction. Business in Germany is also suffering, and the slump in sales figures is a burden for many people in this country too. It is to be hoped that business in Germany can continue as usual. Of course, decisions depend on the number of infected people. It is currently difficult to make predictions.

But if you still don't want to do without gambling, you can increasingly resort to online gambling. You can find lots of lottery tickets online and you can not only take part in German draws. Many online casinos offer international lotteries that continue to guarantee payouts. On our site you will find some platforms that offer lottery games.

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