Oktoberfest canceled: A blow for Bavaria's gambling business

For many Munich residents, the Oktoberfest is & Tourists from all over the world an annual highlight, to which the party people are eagerly awaiting.

Millions of visitors come to Munich to experience the unique atmosphere of the Wiesn. Correspondingly high are also the turnovers that the landlords & also capture the city itself.

Now Soder announced that we would have to do without the Wiesn this year. He also says that he actually has a great interest in letting the Oktoberfest take place. In view of the current situation, however, this is not justifiable. So the festival tents will remain closed this year.

Bavaria's economy suffers from the decision

While visitors mainly associate fun, alcohol and exuberant partying with the Oktoberfest, the business world is all about big profits. The Oktoberfest is of great importance for Bavaria and an economic factor that is actually indispensable. Let's take the past few years as an example: the Wiesn sometimes has an economic value of over one billion euros.

Revenue does not only refer to the masses of beer that flow at the Oktoberfest. In general, the city and the tourism industry benefit from the many visitors. The many hotel nights booked during the period alone bring in more than 500 million euros annually. Transportation, food and leisure activities also play a role for visitors.

Accordingly, the decision to cancel the Oktoberfest this year also affects Bavaria's casinos. The many visitors who travel to the city for two weeks also increasingly head for gambling halls and casinos.

So the operators of the gambling halls also benefit from the many tourists who boost business properly.

Casinos take advantage of the influx of visitors

The casinos are aware of the large number of visitors and the importance of Oktoberfest. Gladly one recruits in the time approximately with free entrance, if one appears as visitors in national costume or Dirndl. Also free beverages are gladly poured out, which contributes to the rollicking tendency.

This year these incomes will have to be missing however. Many sectors of the economy have been hit hard by the current crisis, and the situation of the casinos shows once again the far-reaching consequences of political decisions.

Of course, the common good comes first. Canceling the Oktoberfest was undoubtedly a correct and important decision. For casino operators, however, it means one setback after another.

In addition, casinos currently have to remain closed. It is unclear when we can expect an opening. The fact that it is now also clear that the current negative business cannot be compensated with high revenues during the Oktoberfest should hit the operators hard.

Glucksspiel-fans remain thus further only on-line Casino, in which comfortably from at home can be gezockt. Unfortunately, we will have to do without many other things this year as well.

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