Online casinos the winner of the crisis

Las Vegas and the Corona virus: what's happening to the gambling capital?

The American city is considered THE place to go for game fans.

Las Vegas is all about gambling: slot machines, fancy casinos, expensive hotels. Everything is colorful and flashing, the hustle and bustle is unique in the world. But even the capital of gambling is not immune to the virus. We took a look at the current situation in Las Vegas.

Weeks of lockdown hit the industry hard

The city has already had its share of ups and downs. In the meantime, a reputation has been earned as a city with unstoppable optimism. But while billions were flowing into the city a few months ago, the casinos then had to close for weeks on end. Suddenly, the glittering desert oasis resembled a ghost town. Every day that hotels and casinos remained closed, the operators lost large sums of money. But Corona and gambling simply could not be reconciled. Too big the crowds, too difficult to comply with the new hygiene standards.

Nevertheless, all in all, one remains positive. In the meantime some hotels and casinos have opened again. But with the travels to the city it looks currently still very problematic. Moreover, there are no more major events.

The stop button has been pressed on everything that makes the city tick. Tourists are few and far between.

Online Vegas Casinos

Online casinos as winners of the crisis

Certainly, in the future they will try to keep the infection numbers low. When we will be able to travel safely to America again, no one knows. An opportunity for online casino Germany? In fact, more and more players have turned to online gambling in recent months. This development can be observed both in the USA and in Europe. So it seems that online casinos are emerging as clear winners from the crisis.

At the same time, Corona has unleashed another wave of change in Las Vegas: What will happen next? When and why will people want to travel to the city again? If the traditional game is dead, the artificial city has long since passed its peak? Las Vegas is considered a place of sin without equal. But there is more and more talk about a new kind of entertainment, which has to be followed. In the future, the focus could be more on high-priced food, luxury and shopping. Alcohol and good parties are also part of it, of course. Gambling will certainly continue to be part of it, but the industry is in constant flux. The crisis is doing the rest and is shaking up the concept of success. No one can say exactly what will happen to the gaming industry in the future. One thing is clear: online casino operators have a good standing and show in an impressive way what is possible online in the meantime.

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