Online roulette

Play online roulette�& win real money! This classic can be found in almost every online casino these days.

Gambling is extremely popular with gamblers all over the world. The ability to play it from home or on the go makes it even more attractive. There are many different variants of online roulette. The best known are probably American roulette and its European counterpart. Live roulette in a wide variety of variations is also enjoying increasing popularity.

In our guide we explain the different online variants as well as some roulette rules that you should know. You can find all games in different casinos that we present to you on our website. If you know our guide, you are guaranteed to be ahead of other players!

This is how online roulette is played

The rules of the Online roulette�are basically the same as those of the classic game of chance that you can find in gambling halls around the world. One advantage, however, is that casinos can be accessed from anywhere. The days when you had to dress up for a round of roulette are long gone. There are real roulette casinos that have focused on this table game with their online offer. You will also find bonus offers that are purely designed for table games.

Which bets are possible?

Before you start, you place your bet on the field. You can bet on multiple numbers or opt for individual numbers. You can of course also bet on even / odd or red / black. Transversal lines and betting on 12 numbers are also possible.

What is the payout?

Each bet also comes with different payout percentages. For example, if you bet on an odd number, the payout will be less than if you bet on a specific single number. In any case, it is advisable to know the different odds in advance. You are also welcome to try out different bets to get a better feel for them.

Online roulette variants

While you will mainly find the European variant in European casinos and the American roulette version in American casinos, it is very easy to access a wide variety of casino games online. You decide which roulette variant you play with just one click of the mouse. With the arrival of the live casinos, it is no longer a problem to interact with real players and real croupiers in real time. When playing online, there is truly nothing left to be desired.

American & European Roulette Online

If you want to play roulette online, you will usually come across these two variants. That is why we will briefly introduce them to you. The structure looks very similar at first. You have red and black fields and each round the ball lands on a field on the roulette wheel.

The most important difference is that you have the so-called double zero in American roulette. This means that the game is played with 38 instead of 37 numbers. The second zero is also a neutral number. The house advantage increases with this double neutral field, so that the casino has a slightly greater chance of winning than with the European variant.

Another difference is the La Partage or En Prison rule. With the European variant, you usually have the option of getting your stake back through a special bet. In American roulette, however, your stake is in all probability lost if you are wrong with your bet.

Live roulette

Live casinos are becoming more and more popular, and this casino game is not spared. You can find countless variations of this classic online. We can only recommend you try the online version of this table game. There is no better way to have an authentic gaming experience. The game runs via a live stream and you interact in real time with the dealer and fellow players.

Online Roulette Bonus

Play roulette online for free

In most roulette casinos you have the opportunity to test the range of games for free. A demo version of the games is available for this. You can also access the table games. It is therefore advisable, especially for beginners, to test the game without risk. In the game mode you do not make any real profits, but there are also no real losses.

Proper money management

In any game of chance, you should know your personal limit. Table games are extremely exciting. It's easy to get into a state of intoxication and before you know it, you've lost all your money and are sitting empty-handed in front of your laptop or mobile device.

Money management is therefore an important factor when playing in online casinos, and roulette is no exception. Set yourself a certain limit and end your game when your money is used up. Also, don't let your emotions guide you too much, as you will quickly risk more money than you should.

Online roulette rules

Here you can find our guide to online roulette. We have compiled helpful tips and roulette rules for you, our instructions are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

In our guide we explain the different variants as well as some roulette rules that you should know. You can find all games in different casinos that we present to you on our website. If you know our guide, you are guaranteed to be ahead of other players!

Simple roulette rules at a glance

If you are for online roulette as well as offline, there are a few roulette rules that you should definitely know.

Process and goal

Let's start with the online roulette game: These casino games are very simple. There is a croupier who opens the round. All bets are then made by the participating players. You can place your stake on any combination or number in any game.

When all bets have been made, the croupier places the ball in the well-known roulette wheel. This is how the winning numbers are decided. All bets that were lost are collected by the croupier and the winnings are of course spent. You have multiple chances of winning at roulette, because the game goes straight to the next round.

You can bet on numbers or combinations, but you have to stick to the betting options. If the payout is 1:35, you know that you will get 35 times your stake back. That makes a total of 36 bets, including your previously placed one.

There are 37 numbers, which is zero included. You can set an odd number or just a number, even neighboring numbers are possible. You are welcome to put on a color or individual numbers. The bet on transversal pure, 12 numbers or the first five or the first four is also possible. The setting options offer all different payouts.

In the roulette, the Prison rule gives the opportunity to retrieve his use. You get him back when the ball ends on the zero. Another condition is that you have bet on a simple chance. This can be, for example, high / low, straight / odd or black / red.

En Prison is a variation of La Partage regulation. At Partage you have the opportunity to bring you back half of the deployment, the other half ends up at the bank. The alternative is that you place your bet practically �in jail�. In this way, the mission is blocked and remains in its position. If you win with the stake in the next round, you will get it back, otherwise it is still lost.

In Europe you will find the en prison rule more often. American casinos, on the other hand, tend to decide that the stake is always lost. This applies even if you play the European variant. In online casinos you can always check the respective roulette rules in advance to see what options you have.

In addition to the minimum and maximum stakes, there are other limits in online roulette. The minimum and maximum stakes are important because this way you know immediately whether you are at a suitable table. However, it is also recommended that you look at all the possible uses before playing. You can also ask the croupier. This is always pleasant, especially with live roulette, because you interact with the dealer in real time. For example, find out what the upper limit is for the easy chance of black / red. Also check the lower limit for single or double numbers.

How the roulette rules help you win

We have shown you different roulette strategies and briefly shown you which betting options and limits you have to consider. You now also know the difference between French and American roulette.

Everything else is up to you: if you master the rules, you are already ahead of many ignorant people. You are also welcome to try out one of the different betting systems and find out whether a certain system suits you.

There are also a few important roulette rules that always apply. This will make you a winner rather than a loser in the long run. Know your limit and never play with money that you don't actually have. The fun of the game should always be in the foreground. Roulette is always a game of chance. So it can happen that you go home empty-handed. Still, it makes sense to know the different payout percentages and to familiarize yourself with the house edge of each game. This way you stay realistic and don't risk losing too much money. If you are always happy to be there, then nothing stands in the way of having fun. We wish good luck!

Online roulette strategy

Is it really possible to win the game with very specific strategies for online roulette?? Of course, it's not that simple. You can find tons of tutorials online that should definitely make you a winner. But if the game was really that simple and you always won with a simple roulette strategy, then everyone would do it that way, right?? In the end, however, it is always a game of chance that you should perceive as such. Anyone who claims otherwise is trying to fool you.

So there is no roulette system that works? Yes, of course there are different roulette systems that you can try out and use as a guide. For example, the Martingale system or the Paroli system are known. The James Bond roulette strategy also appears again and again. Of course, we recommend that you always handle your money carefully and not just blindly trust that you can definitely win at the roulette table. In the end, the focus should always be on having fun. Nevertheless, it is also a pleasure to try out different systems. In the following we will tell you which ones you should know when you play in real roulette casinos!

Tips & Strategies

You can find various tips on our site & Roulette tricks to improve your game. It is important that you master the rules before trying your hand at gambling. Otherwise you can quickly make losses that are absolutely unnecessary.

There are also various roulette strategies that beginners as well as experienced players can use. For example, some players always bet according to a certain sequence of numbers. Other players swear by systems that dictate when the stakes are increased and decreased. The possibilities are diverse and it is fun to try out different ways of playing.

Well-known online roulette strategies

Over time, a wide variety of roulette systems have developed that you are welcome to try out. We have briefly summarized the best known:

Although James Bond is actually known as a baccarat lover and a fan of other games, there is still a roulette system that bears his name. Your stake is evaluated in 200 units, and that for every move.

You can then also increase the units by 200 each, for example to 400 or 600.

You then have to divide your 200 units into different rows and fields. So you have the opportunity to bet on different fields. You can also use this roulette strategy in a casino, for example & can benefit from the fact that many possibilities can be covered. In any case, this system is quite risky. While you have the chance to win a lot of money, you can lose a lot of money just as quickly.

This system is extremely simple & can also bring nice profits. But of course this strategy is also correspondingly risky, how could it be otherwise?. If you choose to play this way, you'll be looking at the dozen on the field. Then bet on the first and third dozen, bet 25 units on both variants. If you win, you place the same bet with 11 units. If you then win again, you even increase to 17 units. If it goes well, you will win 52 euros. If, on the other hand, you lose, we recommend that you cool off briefly and take a break or at least change tables.

Of course, the Martingale strategy should not be missing from our list. Here you bet on the simple chances, such as red / black. Should you lose with your bet, your stake will be doubled. If you bet on easy chances, you ignore all other possibilities & but have a 50/50 chance of winning. Accordingly, you can also win really large amounts.

This roulette strategy is the counterpart to the Martingale strategy. Again, you can bet on all numbers and simple chances, but only increase your stake if you win. With every win, the stake is doubled, for example, which should mean that you should be able to offset all losses with a few wins in a row.

The advantage is very clear that you always start with a fixed stake. Accordingly, all losses remain manageable for you. A disadvantage, on the other hand, is that you really have to make a profit in order to make a profit in the end.

There are innumerable strategies out there that are all about systematically increasing the stakes. But if you decide on a system without a progressive approach, the stake size remains the same. Instead, you then focus on the numbers that are most likely to occur.

There are basically two options for this type of game: For example, you can bet on numbers that have not occurred over a long period of time. According to the even distribution, also called the law of large numbers, numbers that have not appeared for a long time should appear again at some point.

The second idea is to focus on the numbers that have come up in the last few rounds. The law of small numbers, i.e. the binomial distribution, is important here. It is believed that some numbers will not appear at all and that others may appear twice or more.

We don't want to withhold this approach from you either, as many gamblers already believed that they could put other players in the shade and outsmart the casino: Many professional players swear by this roulette trick. A shell fault is difficult to spot, however. The idea behind this is that every boiler has very specific characteristics. That is why there is no such thing as an all-round perfect boiler. The wheel can be made differently or it can be a construction that is not 100% horizontal. Sometimes, of course, the flaws are so small that you can barely see them. Of course, you cannot use this strategy for yourself in the online casino. Otherwise you can try to take a closer look at a real bike. Probably most of the players who swear there were only luck in the end, but it's worth a trial but of course.

Can really work a roulette strategy?

We have shown you different approaches here: Some are based on the progressive increase in use, others deal with mathematical considerations. In between there are many other strategies that you can inform yourself. You are welcome to try them all and see what you like. But you must never forget that there is no system in the long term, which will definitely lead you to success. Especially in online casinos is worked with random number generators, which are strictly monitored, so that everything is really left to chance. Of course, it doesn't hurt to try a roulette strategy, because it can be a lot of fun to play according to a certain system and see whether you are successful with it.

And then how can you win at roulette?

We can give you a roulette strategy and a way to use it. This enables you to play the game better and win more. You won't lose anything if you don't even play - but that would of course be quite boring and not the point. But as soon as you are always aware that even the longest streak of luck is over at some point and still keep a clear head, you are already an important step further.

Also, be aware that with lower stakes you are more likely to lose in the long run. If you always keep this in mind, you can certainly start with a little less fear to make larger bets directly. You should only place bets that you can afford. As soon as the pressure gets too great, the fun fades into the background and the game becomes a burden. So set yourself a personal limit and stop playing when you run out of money. This applies to both online casinos and real gambling halls. But that doesn't mean that you can't win in the end anyway, because as we have learned: With or without a roulette strategy, anything is really possible with roulette!

Roulette tricks

Online roulette is a game with a long tradition. As old as the game itself are the roulette tricks and tips designed to help us make a profit. Every game at the roulette table also means a new chance: If you play with a system like the Martingale strategy, you choose American roulette or the French variant? You bet on simple chances, on red or black or on a completely different roulette strategy?

It quickly becomes clear that the possibilities are limitless. You should always be aware that roulette is ultimately a game of chance. But there are still some roulette tricks that you can use for yourself. These will definitely help you to keep an eye on your stakes and not to lose money unnecessarily, because with a few tips you can at least improve your game and thus reduce your losses.

Are roulette tricks allowed??

Is it okay to keep an eye out for certain tips and tricks while playing?? Definitely! With none of the tips that you get here from us, you will have problems in a real casino or in an online casino.

Unfortunately, there have always been players who have used illegal tricks. Here it was, for example, manipulation of the roulette wheel. Sometimes the players also played together with the croupier. This is of course not allowed and was punished accordingly. With the help with which you can win at roulette, or at least you can win earlier, you do not have to worry about anything. We just want to save you from making unnecessary mistakes. So please read our guide through to familiarize yourself better with the game and to always have an overview of roulette.

Play at a table with only one zero

Let's start with a very simple tip that relates to the different odds of winning in roulette. The advantage of this tip is obvious: if there is only one zero, the house edge is 2.7%. If, on the other hand, you have a double zero, we are already at 5.26%. We therefore recommend that you choose a variant with only one zero.

Play in a relaxed manner

This way of playing should also be kept in mind. Roulette can get hot and a little thrill is really fun and part of the game, but losing is definitely not fun. We therefore recommend that you always take it easy and keep an eye on your money. Don't bet money that you can't lose too. Don't just surrender to your emotions, always keep a cool head. The tip may sound a bit boring and is not a real roulette system or something like that, but it should not go unmentioned here.

Look for good bonus offers

Many players are still not aware that you can get great bonuses in online casinos, with which you can top up your own balance properly. For example, there are often deposit bonuses, such as a 100% bonus, which means that you deposit $ 50 and then get $ 50 extra. You can even get hold of free credit sometimes.

So if you decide to play online roulette, an important and essential roulette trick is always to start your game with a bonus. It is only important that you know that you are playing with bonus money that you have to wager in the casino. Therefore, you cannot have your money paid out directly. You are then only risking bonus money, which, with a little luck, you can ultimately convert into real money, which then goes into your own account.

Find out which roulette strategy suits you

Here, too, we recommend testing the various roulette systems for free in the online casino without your own risk. Which roulette tricks work best for you always depends on your own style of play and your character.

So what type of player are you? Well-known strategies are for example Martingale or Paroli. Both systems are pretty easy to understand: First, it's about easy chances and doubling the stakes when you lose. With the other variant, you only increase the stake if you win, so the system works exactly the other way around. But these are only two of the countless possibilities that you can try. An important roulette trick is therefore: Find out about the different game variants that could lead you to success and find out which style of play suits you best.

Play at high limit tables

If you have already gained a little experience, we give you another roulette tip on the way: feel free to try your hand at a table with a high limit. Especially if you rely on certain strategies, such as Martingales, then a low limit can unfortunately thwart your plans. So you better decide on a table where, for example, you have 5.If you can bet $ 000, you have a lot of leeway.

If this tip intimidates you, we recommend that you try out the free version in online casinos first. Then you can check risk-free whether your strategy is working.

Which roulette tricks will work in 2021?

We have already given you some good tips for beginners as well as for more experienced players. You will find countless guides online who promise that you will always be a winner with a certain strategy. Of course, it's not that simple. There is always the risk that the house will win in the end. Nevertheless, our roulette tricks should help you to have a better overview. Since the trend is now also moving in the direction of online casinos, we would like to mention a very important tip again: At the moment, it definitely makes sense to play with a bonus in an online casino. Anyone who waives a welcome bonus, especially as a new player, is also foregoing a good offer that can increase the credit enormously.

Can you become a permanent winner with your roulette tricks??

Of course, in the end there is a dream that you will become the lucky winner. Unfortunately, we have to mention this point again that Roulette is a gambling. In the end, it can also happen to the best strategy that the casino wins. You also see that clearly that online casinos will allow these strategies at all. You know that you are still sitting on the longer lever in the end.

But what we can say, is that you can get with roulette tricks a better feeling for the game and know what options you have. Combined with the idea that the roulette game should always remain a hobby, you can, if you keep your budget in the eye and try out one or the other roulette strategy, but certainly take a nice win home very stress-free.

Online roulette play for free

We come to our last point, which probably interests every player ardently: In addition to the many advantages that online casinos already offer, we have left an important one aside. If you play the table game online, you can benefit from various bonus offers. There are deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses. You can also use special bonuses that only apply to live casinos.

A casino bonus is always a good choice because you get something extra from the casino. So you can play longer and with a little luck still make real profits. So never do without it, because who doesn't like to get something for free?? On our site you can find out about the bonus offers from various casinos. You are guaranteed to find a good roulette bonus for yourself. In addition to the bonus offers, we also inform you about the game selection on the platforms so that you know exactly which pages you are on Free online roulette can try.

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