Reduce Flooding

Too many neighborhoods in Precinct 3 have been devastated by multiple flooding events in just the last few years. Harris County must do more to reduce the flood risk to residents, including: completing Project Brays; expediting the delivery of flood control projects authorized by the 2018 bond election; ensuring responsible future development that does not increase the flood risk for existing residents and businesses; and working with state and federal authorities to ensure Precinct 3 receives its fair share of projects and resources to prevent future flooding.

Improve Infrastructure

Precinct 3, like Harris County as a whole, has grown tremendously in recent years, which has increased the burden on local infrastructure. County government must be a proactive partner in ensuring there is solid infrastructure to accommodate our large and growing population. Flood prevention and mitigation, as already mentioned, is hugely important. Maintaining smooth, drivable roads and streets, as well as expanding capacity is also key. We also must continue to work with partners like METRO to ensure transit infrastructure is capable of getting Precinct 3 residents where they need to go.

Expand Health Care Access

The County’s health care system – Harris Health – includes two full-service hospitals, 18 community health centers and more than a dozen clinics that offer the full range of services to residents of modest and low income. More than 60 percent of patients are uninsured, and the system spends over $650 million a year on charity care. County government must continue to seek ways to improve care and use resources as efficiently as possible to deliver the best results possible for patients. Additionally, we must pressure state government to expand Medicaid, which would cover tens of thousands of Harris County residents and reduce Harris Health’s cost burden.

Support Local Schools

Precinct 3’s local school districts are among the fastest growing in the state. By working together with our locally elected school boards, Precinct 3 can support our schools and maximize tax dollars by coordinating on infrastructure projects and flood mitigation efforts.

Preserve Parks and Green Space

Precinct 3 is renowned for its beautiful parks and green spaces. These public spaces must be maintained and improved as a benefit for all County residents.
Kristi Thibaut - Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3 Houston
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