Providers are opening their doors again

For some time now one has been waiting for this relieving message: The providers are finally allowed to reopen.

If she had not really imagined in the course of the first relaxations, there are now also for playshot conditions that are to be fulfilled. But then operations can finally be resumed. Here, too, each federal state decides for itself how it wants to proceed. Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg are, as usual, at the forefront and want to support rapid opening.

Reopening takes a lot of responsibility

Not only the federal states, but also the arcade operators are called upon to take responsible measures. Important infection protection regulations are to be complied with accordingly. We are talking about a hygiene concept that can also be found in other public institutions and companies. As usual, the distance must be kept so that 1.5 meters can be guaranteed between the slot machines. Other seats have to be removed, you are only allowed to sit at the machines.

Disinfectant dispensers are also important, the spokesman said. Of course, the staff should also regularly be cleaned all contact and surfaces to significantly reduce the risk of contagion. The health authorities are also involved, as all businesses, including the gambling halls, are now working closely with them.

Furthermore, it is important that every guest registers. This is the only way to find out afterwards who has entered the gambling hall in the event of an infection.

In this way, chains of infection can be better controlled.

Other federal states are also planning to reopen

Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse will also soon open their doors again. Every 15th and 18th. May the gastronomy and also the casino business will be properly stimulated again. Just like in restaurants and bars, it will be more cautious in casinos: The use of common objects should be prevented. Since the slot machines are of course touched one after the other, they have to be disinfected regularly. Here, the players should contribute themselves for infectious avoidance by using disinfectant dispenser.

Will take the visitors off?

Like the gastronomy, game bank operators also fear that the beginning will be bumpy. Especially the game banks fear to attract only a few players at times of Corona. For this purpose, the offers of online casinos also contribute, after all, you can easily play from home and does not have to suspend the risk of infection. But it remains to be hoped that the situation normalizes and gambling players will be happy to play outside of their own four walls.

If you are currently hesitating and then you prefer to decide on for an online casino: With us you will find exclusive bonus offers and detailed reviews, so the right online casino is safe for you! Nevertheless, we of course also keep our fingers crossed for the local casinos that everything will soon be back to normal.

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