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What exactly does responsible gambling mean and how do I know if I have a gambling problem? Are there also ways to check my gaming behavior? We support responsible gambling. Here you can find out everything you need to know about gambling addiction and the protection of minors & Self-tests. Also some useful advice & We have compiled tips for you to ensure that you always have fun when gambling.

Gambling addiction: How to recognize problem gambling behavior?

Only those who are at least 18 years old are allowed to participate in games of chance. This is what the law for the protection of minors wants. But this measure alone is not enough to prevent gamblers from dangerous gambling behavior.

In the case of gambling addiction, it is important to recognize what is going on as quickly as possible. This affects both relatives and the gambler. The following behavior can also indicate problem gambling:

So there are very different manifestations and signs. Basically, gambling addicts are all about the next round of gambling - and with it comes conspicuous whims and a great need for money. If you recognize early on that he or she has a problem (or notice conspicuous behavior in friends and family), you can break the vicious circle more easily.

How to prevent gambling addiction?

If you don't want to take any risks at all, don't take part in casino games or sports betting. But this is of course not a must, because especially in online casinos there are ways to monitor your own gaming behavior.

And that's exactly what we advise you to do: always keep an eye on your game and budget. Take self-tests if you are unsure whether your gambling behavior is okay. Also, set limits for yourself that you will not be allowed to exceed. This way you can have fun playing - but stay within your financial limits and don't have to be afraid of gambling addiction.

But if you're already getting antsy reading this, it's certainly time to question your behavior. Gambling should be a nice pastime and give pleasure, but not put you under pressure.

Protection of minors: Parents have these options

Online casinos only pay out winnings to players who are over 18. Proof of identity must be provided. But what can parents do to prevent minors from accessing gambling sites in the first place?? For example, it makes sense to use parental control software. This can be used to specifically block certain sites.

It is also important to educate young people about the dangers of gambling at an early age. When parents notice suspicious behavior, quick action is called for.

What is responsible gaming??

In English we speak of "responsible gaming", in our country this is called responsible gambling. This is accompanied by a uniform code, which betting providers and gambling sites follow. This includes some standards that are supposed to guarantee the safety of players.

This includes not only allowing players to move around protected sites, but also to be active themselves: Set yourself personal time and money limits to control your bets. Especially international casinos with EU licenses offer a lot of leeway when it comes to your bets and the duration of the game. It makes sense to make a few settings yourself that fit your possibilities.


When it comes to player protection, it's not just the casinos that have a role to play, but you too. You should always question your behavior. Stay critical and adhere to the following principles:

Thus, websites provide you with important tools to help you stay in control. But also you must always be honest with yourself and should make sure that gambling is only for entertainment purposes. It is also not a good idea to assume that you can earn a living by gambling.

Poker professionals are an exception, but there are only a few of them. Generating your income with slot machines is also anything but advisable.

How gambling addicts get help

Gambling addicts and those at risk of gambling addiction can consult various organizations and websites. Family members are also encouraged to take action if they notice problem gambling behavior. Most counseling centers can be reached at any time of day or night. There are also various information pages and self-tests available at any time.

Self-test on the subject of gambling addiction

There are comprehensive self-tests on sites like Check Your Game or Gambling Addiction Therapy. There you can fill out a questionnaire and question your gambling behavior. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

It is sufficient if you can answer even one question with a "yes". Because this already indicates problematic gambling behavior. Of course, not every emotional outburst means that you are addicted to gambling and should never participate in the games again - but a tendency can probably be observed.

It is then all the more important to set a budget and take regular breaks. After all, a little thrill is part of the adventure, but excessive emotional outbursts (especially regular ones) indicate a problem.

What do online casinos do to protect their players?

In online casinos, only those who are of legal age are allowed to gamble. This can be checked by requiring players to upload personal documents to identify themselves. Only then are winnings paid out. A first important step to keep minors away from gambling.

In addition, you can expect strict German licenses in the future, which set the betting limit significantly lower than EU casinos. However, even sites licensed in Malta or Curacao have safeguards in place: While there is no uniform blackout file or betting limits, there are individual tools. This will allow you to set how much you are allowed to bet and gamble. You can also keep track of your losses thanks to the always visible game history.

Nevertheless, it is clear that online casinos can be gambling addictive. Although most gambling fans manage to go about it with joy, there are always exceptions. Hopefully, you now know that it is also up to you: keep an eye on your behavior, your finances and your emotions.

If you also notice that there is conspicuous gambling behavior in your circle of acquaintances, you must take action. The earlier the risk of gambling addiction is detected, the better.

Interesting topics

FAQ - frequently asked questions about responsible gambling

Could we not yet clarify all questions on the subject of responsible gambling? Or did you skip the article and scroll straight to the end?? We summarize the most important things for you once again in a nutshell.

What is responsible gambling?
Responsible gambling depends on two things: you and the online casino. You have the task of monitoring your behavior and emotions. On the other hand, online casinos must offer you the possibility to keep track of your finances and to block yourself from the site if necessary.

How do I know I'm addicted to gambling??

A self-test can give you some information. You will find many of these online, for example on the page Gambling Addiction Therapy. Ask yourself if you feel aggressive or irritable. Whether you are betting more money than you should. Or if you are constantly trying to recoup your losses. If you can answer "yes" to many of the self-test questions, you need to be careful - or even stop gambling altogether.

Where can I get help if I am addicted to gambling?
Check out sites like GamCare, Gambling Addiction Therapy or Gamblers Anonymous. On the pages you will find a lot of useful information as well as contact persons. Gambling addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. The only important thing is that you recognize your problem and act accordingly. This also applies to relatives of gambling addicts.

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