Smoking ban in casinos Austria

In Austria everything actually runs like clockwork. They are well attended and can enjoy decent numbers. However, people are looking to the future with a little concern, because the impending smoking ban could cause major losses in revenue. It is known from other countries that revenue losses of up to 30% are not uncommon. We have taken a look at how the situation is in the casinos of Austria.

International experience confirms declining revenues

Between 10 and 30% revenue losses are not uncommon. The smoking ban reduces the feeling of coziness, the stays in the casino become shorter. Some people even associate the feeling of smoking with gambling. For example, look to Las Vegas, where smoking is allowed in most establishments without restriction. The casinos are an exception in the USA, because otherwise the smoking laws there are very strict.

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Nevertheless, still decent revenues

Although the revenue losses are to be feared, the operators of the casinos remain positive. This is probably because the casinos' revenues are otherwise impeccable. In the first half of this year alone, they took in around 2.1 billion euros. So what's a little loss of revenue?? The operators see their casinos as rare gems that are rightly visited by many gambling fans.

The operators also point out that it is probably more a case of getting used to the game. They could be right about that, because while many people used to complain about the smoking ban in many pubs, people have long since got used to it today.

More and more people are even enjoying the smoke-free air, although this would have been unthinkable in bars and pubs in the past. Perhaps it is indeed similar with the casinos: we first have to get used to no longer being able to combine the thrill with a cigarette or cigar. After some time, however, perhaps no one talks about it and simply goes outside the door to smoke.

So, all in all, the casinos don't seem to be too worried about their revenues. While smoking is undoubtedly part of the 'casino experience' and is also very much appreciated in conjunction with alcohol, in the end it is more a matter of getting used to it.

Here, too, there will also be players who appreciate the smoking ban and support the new law accordingly. It remains to be seen how the smoking ban will then be received in reality in the long run. At present, however, the operators of Casinos Austria seem to be doing everything right, which is why revenue losses should be bearable.

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