Stake limits for Great Britain?

The online gambling industry in the United Kingdom stood on its head at this announcement.

In the conventional ones the Fix Odds Betting terminals already exist. These ensure that players can only place a certain bet, namely two pounds per round. The British Parliament is now proposing to make this regulation applicable to online casinos as well. Undoubtedly, this is in favor of player protection, but what is the general public's opinion on the matter??

More player protection is called for

Not only is the wagering limit an issue, but overall there is widespread agreement in the UK that more needs to be done to protect players. Members of parliament say that some of the laws that came into force in 2005 are outdated and need to be revised.

Accordingly, there is now talk of various demands that go beyond the betting limit. For example, VIP promotions are to be controlled in order to curb the frequency of gambling. Undoubtedly, offers in online casinos are very tempting, after all, they have the goal of encouraging members to gamble.

Another point relates to credit card payments, which are to be banned in online casinos. This should prevent players from overdrawing their cards and instead keep an eye on their budget.

Also considerations about the betting limit go along with it, because as in the conventional casinos rounds of more than two euros bet are to be forbidden.

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Land-based casinos as a role model

The British Parliament is targeting online casinos with its demands and has its sights set on land-based casinos, where player protection is also gaining in importance. Moreover, it is no secret that online casinos now provide players with much easier access to online gambling. Player protection often comes up short here, which is why the government is calling for the market to finally be better controlled and for uniform limits and restrictions to be established.

A double-edged sword

Gambling should always be considered from two sides: On the one hand, player protection is an important issue, on the other hand, gambling is a welcome source of revenue for any state. The online casino business is booming in the UK as well, which is why it certainly won't be easy to actually realize claims. It's likely that they're also keeping an eye on the public purse.

So which betting limits and new regulations will really come into force, still remains to be seen. Basically, player protection is a topic that is often neglected in the online gambling world. We therefore recommend every player to pay attention to their own budget. Set your weekly or daily balance and stick to it. If you don't trust yourself, in the modern casino you can also set fixed settings regarding time and stakes, which you cannot exceed under any circumstances.

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