Street Fighter 2 as a NetEnt slot

Do you like NetEnt and appreciate the quality? Are you also nostalgic and enjoy arcade games?? Then NetEnt has just the right tidbit ready for you: If you have played Street Fighter 2 before, you will surely have a lot of fun in the slot of the same name! Because yes, you heard right: You can play this great retro slot in one of the many online casinos (we also have many of them on offer)!

It starts with round 1: Fight!

If you know the game from before, there is no need for an introduction.

But if you don't know this game yet (maybe because you are too young), you can understand below why this game was so hype and why the new NetEnt slot is also a success.

Street Fighter II was brought back to life with this slot machine and it still looks great. You should definitely not miss your chance to play a few rounds!

The Street Fighter II: World Warrior slot debuted this year, so it's a newcomer to the industry. People were both surprised and delighted by this announcement. From what we've seen of it so far, the NetEnt creative team is determined to stay true to the original. That includes the pixelated graphics, which look old-fashioned but which nostalgics will really love.

You choose how you want to fight

All of your former favorite characters will be there again. They have eight features that make the slot so interesting. The nice thing about the slot machine is that you can choose which character to play with. So you really stay as true to the original as you can get!

The mechanics of the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot will surely delight even demanding players, because the gameplay is complex. We are sure that this game can knock your socks off.

Every time you are done with a fight, the bonus round is triggered. There are eight fighters to choose from, including Ken, Ryi, and Honda.

All characters have a different payout ratio, this is between 96.02% and 96.08%.

Every character is unique. All of them are also tied to different wilds. Sometimes you need 1 to 5 wilds in a row, you can have 5 wilds on the same reel, and so on. There is also a bonus round that can be activated after a lost battle. There are also multipliers.

We too are sure that this slot machine is amazing. The game lives up to the original. If you know this game from before or if your interest is now aroused at the latest, try your hand at this slot as a fighter. We have many casinos that have Street Fighter II: The World Warrior on offer.

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