The game & the battle of the sexes

Basically, gambling seems to appeal more to men, but women also repeatedly find their way into real casinos and online casino slot machines.

Women like to experience the same thrill and enjoy the excitement. But what differences are there in terms of gaming behavior? We once looked at how women and men perceive games of chance and how different the type of gambling is statistically.

Women and men play so differently

Both sexes like to play in the casino, but they also like to play the same games? A first important difference becomes apparent here: women usually prefer to play games where they take less risk. Games of chance without prior strategic knowledge are also preferred to be played by women. Men, on the other hand, seem to be fans of the strategy.

Another difference is that the female players are more likely to enjoy playing against a dealer. Men, on the other hand, appreciate playing with real players, mostly men. The direct competition seems to please the men more.

There is also a difference in the size of the stakes: women prefer to do smaller stakes, men, on the other hand, tend to be the high rollers and vary their stakes significantly more often.

Of course, there are only tendencies here, there are always some exceptions. Women also like to gamble and take risks here and there. The statistics show, however, that women tend to play cautiously and compete against the dealer, while men are more willing to take risks and like the competition very much. But the effect is the same: thrill and joy over a small or large win.

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How do women and men perceive losses?

Men and women show different emotions when they win or lose. When a loss occurs, women are more likely to be sad or nervous, while men are often aggressive. Here, too, it should be noted that these are only statistics and this behavior does not apply to all players.

Different seasons

It is mostly women who go about their duties before they turn to gambling. Gambling addiction can of course affect both genders, but statistically it is still more men who are addicted to gambling.

It is also interesting that women often start playing later, that is, at an advanced age. At the same time, they like to bet online because they can then play at a time of their own choosing. Men, on the other hand, enjoy "real" poker games with friends or a visit to the casino, often alone.

Both sexes love slots

And now one more nice thing in common at the end: Although men like to take part in table games and women often go straight to the slot machine, in the end both sexes have the same fun at the slots. Especially when it comes to the fast game, the slot machines are a popular choice. Here, too, it can be seen: In the end, for both sexes it's just about quick success and the thrill in between.

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