The Las Vegas of Asia: Less indigenous gamblers in Macau

When you hear about Macau, you often immediately think of gambling. Because in fact, the autonomous region in China is often referred to as a paradise for fans of online poker, roulette, blackjack, one-armed bandits and the like. But how do the residents feel about this development?? Surveys showed that many residents are not very enthusiastic about the gambling offer. Accordingly, it is not necessarily locals who visit the casinos there.

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Macau is full of casinos. One could rightly conclude at this point that the population is also completely crazy about the roulette wheel. In fact, the reality is different, as only about 40% of the residents take part in the games of chance. This is not only a relatively low percentage, it also shows an extreme downward trend: a few years ago around half of the residents visited one of the casinos from time to time.

Surveys also show that football betting remains very popular with residents. Here, too, losses are noticeable, but in principle the population seems to enjoy sport.

The Mark Six lottery is also part of Macau's culture. Many residents take part in this lottery game.003 residents surveyed and 25% of them try their luck at the lottery.

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Why the majority of the residents do not take part in the games of chance could not be clarified in the survey. In any case, the numbers are exciting, as they prove the huge streams of tourists that Macau attracts. The region is considered to have the highest turnover in the world when it comes to gambling. Accordingly, a large part of the sales must come from the tourists who move into the casinos in large numbers every year.

It is also questionable whether online casinos could have an impact on resident behavior: Online gambling is currently still illegal in Macau. If online casinos were to be legalized, more residents might opt for online entertainment. Unfortunately, it is currently more likely that many residents are not too satisfied with what is currently happening in the region. Gambling is of enormous importance for tourism, and thus also for the economy, but some residents are still bothered by the many casinos. In addition, many residents do not seem to have any interest in gambling.

The casino operators and the state should not care much, after all, business is still booming. The casinos seem to be pursuing the goal of primarily addressing tourists - and this is undoubtedly working very well.

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