The new PlayChange consulting platform is finally live

The new online platform Playchange aims to help people with gambling problems.

The principle is simple: relatives and those affected should quickly receive online support there. And most importantly: the whole thing works anonymously. Here is an overview of the most important things about the new advice platform.

Addiction experts know that those affected often seek help much too late´┐Ż

With the new contact point for addicts, the state agency for gambling addiction in Bavaria has set itself the task of being able to offer faster and more efficient support. The addiction expert and managing director Konrad Landgraf said in a press release that this page is aimed primarily at those affected who spend a lot of time online and take part in online games of chance.

It can be observed that in Bavaria alone around 70.000 people were affected. The number of unreported cases is probably much higher, because gambling addicts or those at risk of gambling often wait far too long to seek help. The reason: shame. Of course, ignorance and repression also play a role. It was therefore important for the platform's developers to be able to seek help anonymously and without being recognized.

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Registration is anonymous

Privacy is of central importance, especially with such shame-ridden problems. Those affected and their relatives can contact the professional PlayChange staff via chat, email or telephone. In this way, an important hurdle is removed for those affected, because they no longer have to go to a counseling center. Stepping into a conventional counseling center is difficult and prevents many people from asking for help in good time, which is known to lead to serious problems.

The platform was worked on for over a year

It took about a year from the idea to the publication of the page.

The developers are satisfied with the modern look and the ease of use. PlayChange is also up to date when it comes to general security and data protection.

For those affected and their families, the first information can be found in the FAQ area. There you can also check whether there is a gambling addiction or risk. If necessary, you can contact the employees immediately. The platform can of course be used both on a laptop and on a mobile phone, so that help is always and everywhere possible.

Corona has also fueled online gambling

PlayChange comes at just the right time. While gambling can be great fun and a pure pastime for many gamblers, the dangers should not be underestimated either. Especially now, when many people have more time or even have to fear for their livelihoods, the click into the online casino is made quickly.

We are fans of the initiative and draw attention to the dangers of gambling addiction on our website. A platform like PlayChange was long overdue. Accessing online gambling has never been easier. Although players can also set limits on the gambling sites or exclude themselves from the platforms, PlayChange is a useful addition to the already existing support offers. In this way, everyone affected can now question their gaming behavior even faster, and above all anonymously, and, if necessary, take advantage of support.

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