USA: Famous Wynn Resorts sued again


The charges against Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts are far too severe. The former CEO and founder of the company is again at the center: Steve Wynn. This is a complaint from a female employee. She accuses the company of failing to improve the work environment and discouraging women from reporting sexual abuse.

After earlier accusations, the company had promised improvements, but apparently the employees are still under a lot of pressure not to report any violations. For example, the staff would be forbidden to accuse superiors of refusing certain "actions".

In addition, employees were asked to provide proof of certain favors to VIP guests. Since management did not heed this, their attempts to defend themselves against it failed.

In order to conceal all charges and hinder the work of the investigating authorities, there would be a secret communication network. In addition, it is noted that this also led to a problematic environment for women where they felt unable to file complaints with management.

They also felt it was impossible to find another employer.

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Wynn Resorts denies all charges and states that they are not aware of any sexual abuse after 2018. In their eyes, more than sufficient steps were taken to facilitate a transparent and fair work environment.

The last few times the company got away with some hefty fines, but now it could get even worse. If found guilty, there is a possibility that licenses will be revoked. This could mean the end of Wynn Resorts and the online casino.

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