Virtual sport hype

Sports betting is popular all over the world.

From our website we regularly present bookmakers who lure with top offers & have a huge selection of sports betting in their program. The current crisis does not stop at sports betting, as more and more sporting events are being canceled. Football betting? Cannot be completed if there are no games.

The online bookmakers now know what to do & are increasingly focusing on virtual sporting events. What this is and what dangers this type of betting entails, we will tell you here in this article.

What is virtual sport?

As the name suggests, these events do not actually take place. Dog or horse races that are held in online casinos are possible. But there are certainly no real animals used here, which should also please animal rights activists.

Instead, as with so many online games of chance, a random number generator decides which animal will win the race.

At first glance this sounds a bit strange, but in fact more and more players are taking advantage of these offers. This way, bets can be made quickly and no prior knowledge is necessary. So quickly earned money - but also quickly lost money.

Criticism of the always available bets

Since these are not real events, you do not have to adhere to specific times here. Instead, the bookmakers line up event after event, with new events taking place almost every minute. It doesn't matter whether you visit a site early in the morning or in the middle of the night. The events often take place around the clock. That's great, say some. Others say it promotes gambling addiction.

Many people who no longer have sports bets at their disposal also place their bets in virtual sports.

Basically, that's not a problem and a nice way to keep trying your luck. However, critics fear that money will be placed in such an uncontrolled manner.

Since the tournaments also take place around the clock, there are no breaks. If you have a fever, you can bet and lose a lot of money quickly.

Limits can help

Many bookmakers and online casino operators offer the option of setting limits. Time limits are rather inappropriate in virtual sports betting, after all, the tournaments take place all the time. An hour can be enough to spend large sums of money. It makes more sense to set a budget: For example, you can set on many pages that you want to bet a maximum of 10 euros per day. As soon as the 10 euros are used up, you will be logged out and will no longer be able to continue playing.

However, it is questionable how many people actually set limits. Critics are calling for the site operators to set their own limits. But that probably applies to all online games of chance that are currently available with any stake.

All in all, virtual sports betting remains a double-edged sword: Those who manage their money well can enjoy quick thrills here. If you tend to act impulsively and don't know your limit, you should stay away from it.

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