What is the significance of the New State Treaty on Gambling?

The discussions about internet gambling in Germany are seemingly endless.

But finally things seem to get rolling, because the online casinos should finally be regulated and licensed in Germany. The whole thing should be applied as early as 2021. Let's summarize what the new contract means for the players and the state.

More tax revenue for Germany

Tax revenues are currently moving abroad, because the regulation of casinos in Germany is unclear - or was, because now some things are supposed to change. As soon as the German licenses are introduced, the taxes also go to the Federal Republic. That should please the German government and is probably one of the main reasons why decisions are finally being made.

In other countries, it is already clear what the regulation will bring: Portugal and Denmark, for example, benefit from millions of euros in money. Germany is also showing great interest here. In the future, there should be high taxpayers' money for the Federal Republic.

Creation of new jobs

Anyone wishing to offer gaming in Germany must in future have a branch in Germany. New jobs are likely to be created here. The regulation itself also requires workers, because the nationwide control needs to be organized first. So we can hope that the new State Treaty on Gambling will give us some jobs.

What does the regulation mean for German players?

Now the part that is particularly interesting for casino fans in Germany: Not only the possible tax revenues motivate the federal government, player protection also plays an important role. The contract is for better control of online casinos.

This is accompanied by limits and rules that casinos licensed in Germany must adhere to. Among other things, the following points are important:

If you compare these rules with the guidelines that apply to foreign casinos, you quickly notice that they are much stricter here. Take the EU license from Malta, for example: Many online casinos have this license and can thus show that their platforms are checked. The Maltese license is recognized and trustworthy, we also show you many casinos on our website that have this license.

There are also directives that regulate the market in use in the EU. Special random number generators are prescribed, there must be special security technologies and much more. But: there are hardly any limits. The casinos themselves decide the maximum amount of money that can be deposited.

Bonus offers can also be very extensive. If you have problems with gaming, you can have yourself blocked from the side, but there are still all sorts of incentives to play. Players can win huge jackpots in the millions and certainly play slots for more than one euro per spin.

So it turns out that the German license plans to have significantly stricter player protection. The online casinos can finally leave the gray area in which they are currently located. Many players welcome the new regulations as they will soon feel safe.

High scooter, on the other hand, is likely to repulsize the regulation a little sour, because the thrill is rushed properly. Basically, however, we consider it very positive news that the online gambling should now finally be legal in Germany.

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