Where to find the highest odds?

Find providers with a high chance of winning, we make it easy for you! Take a look at our list of providers with the best odds and chances of winning and find your favorite.

Also, learn here what makes an online casino the best provider in terms of winning chances.

Best Payout Ratio

The RTP value, also known as the payout ratio, is important for you as a player. The value indicates how your winnings are paid out. If the value is around 98%, you will receive this percentage of your winnings. With slot machines on the Internet, the payout ratio is always particularly high. This is in contrast to conventional arcades, where you sometimes have to settle for 60% to 70%.

If a game has a high payout ratio, then it is more lucrative for you. This can also be applied to the entire casino: We have compiled a list of providers that have high payout ratios and thus increase your chance of winning big. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that in the end it is always a game of chance. If you win big, you also get paid the majority of your winnings. This is an advantage and important when choosing the right casino. But: Winning is of course not guaranteed, which is why the matter of the chance of winning is a double-edged sword.

Games with a high chance of winning

With slot machines you have no influence whatsoever on the game play. For table and card games they are. You can take advantage of low house odds in blackjack, for example, and learn a strategy. Also with roulette the chances are not bad, because the payout ratios are often high.

So if you want to increase your chances of winning, you should study the strategies of more complex games.

It is also important to practice good money management. Then you don't lose more than you are allowed to. In our list you will find several casinos that offer excellent table and card games (also in the live casino).

Welcome bonus

Payout rate for scratch cards rather average

In online casinos you can often find other gimmicks besides slot machines and table games. These include, for example, scratch cards. A good RTP value here is around 90%. This is okay, but in contrast to slot machines (we remember: here odds of over 98% are in) rather low. Still, you don't really have to do much. Just buy tickets and start playing. In addition, the tickets can be easily purchased for small money, which then compensates for a slightly lower profit again.

How to find a high chance of winning

Let's summarize again what is important: It is best to play on sites that are still quite new and that advertise good payout ratios. It is also worthwhile to invest in classic games and learn strategies. In addition, there are also various slot machines, where outstanding payout ratios can be found.

Also important: Only play in casinos with a license! This guarantees fairness. Also, always keep an eye on your budget. And definitely don't get upset if you lose, because that's part of gambling too sometimes. However, a win may be waiting for you around the next corner - and if the payout ratio is high, you can enjoy almost the entire winning amount!

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