Win jackpots

Jackpots are understandably in great demand, because in jackpots you can quickly make huge profits. Sites like Wild Jackpots present you with games where you can become a millionaire in one fell swoop. But how exactly do jackpot games work in the Spielhal and how do you secure big wins?

Win progressive jackpots

You will always find the really high winnings with progressive slots. These are games where the jackpot keeps on going. This is possible because a small part of each player's stake goes into the large overall jackpot. Therefore, it is not uncommon for slot machine games like Mega Moolah to quickly accumulate millions. And sooner or later these will actually be cracked - there have been some players in the past who suddenly became multi-millionaires. We also have tons of jackpots that you can bet on on secure sites.

Fixed jackpots

In addition to the progressive jackpots, many online slot machines have a fixed jackpot. As the name suggests, these top prizes will not increase any further. Instead, you can simply check the paytable to see what it takes to get the maximum jackpot. For example, you have to play with the highest stake and make it into a bonus round - the rules can vary here. So sometimes certain symbols can bring you an above-average profit. We are talking about wild jackpots, for example, if multipliers are used when wild symbols appear.

Popular jackpot games

In the Jackpots Casino you will usually be presented with several machines with progressive jackpots. Alternatively, you will always find plenty of online slots with fixed jackpots that can also be high. But let's take a closer look at the most popular progressive slots. We've already mentioned one of them in this article, but there are a few more:

From the names it can already be seen that these games can not only be lucrative. On top of that, they are entertaining - and take you into very different themed worlds. You will automatically always hope for the big win. At Mega Moolah, the world record was over 18 million. Euro. In contrast, at Joker Millions it was �only� 7.8 million. Euros - but we are sure that every player would be very happy about this win.

To have the best chance at the big jackpot, you should always familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. It is also advisable to play with real money. Whether you can play a jackpot slot with a bonus depends on the game in question.

Find the best jackpots with us

Can't wait to try your luck at jackpot slots yourself? Then take a look at our casino list, in which you are sure to find the right provider. All online casinos are licensed and trustworthy. So if you land the main prize, you can be sure that you will actually get it paid out.

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